Capt. Jeff Hartnell


Captain Jeff “Cap” Hartnell, Squadron Commander. Cap has always been a fan everything fast and being a 51st century guy loves fast low orbit shuttles that double as aircraft Cruising speed for these “intruders” as they are called is Mach 6, full throttle would get 1 tenth light speed.. Cap spent many of his adult years working for EASDA (Earth Air and Space Defence Administartion.) Had he not been so tied up in the running of that orginization he surely would have been one of the first to request a commission in the Time Agency. Cap is a fantastic pilot and that is his true love and honestly in his last few years he felt he was spending far too much time piloting his desk running EASDA for his taste. Jeff craves adventure and excitement and feels the Time Agency will be perfect for him.

Jeff experience has given him some white hairs which he plucks immediately upon finding. He is almost vain about his appearance and loves his black mane of hair. Cap had poster boy good looks and wears his “Dress Blues” like a cocky first lieutenant. He swaggers when he walks throwing his frock like trench coat about like a cape and lets his boots galumph along proudly. A natural charismatic leader he inspires those that he serves with and loves them dearly. He has seen several dogfights in his time and loves regaling his troops with stories of fighting Draconians in deep space.

In the rare instance when Jack has some downtime he will take his modified Intruder on rip roaring lightning fast tours. Jack is also fond of dancing with anything that is willing and is whenever time allows at the local bar telling stories and drinking. Live fast, love hard, for tomorrow we might die is his motto. However when it is time to be on duty he works every bit as hard as he plays.

Capt. Jeff Hartnell

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